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Highly-Concentrated, Multi-Purpose Flavorings

At NoTE Flavors, we offer specialized concentrated flavorings for any application - made using only the finest ingredients and no unwanted additives, chemicals, or sweeteners. Our entire line of flavoring products - made right here in the USA - is available online, in select U.S. retail stores and bakeries, and available for delivery internationally to most countries around the world.

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The Magic of Menthol

Now, try the strongest Menthol on the market in Solid, Liquid, and Therapeutic formulations.

Liquid Menthol CrystalsSolid Menthol CrystalsTherapeutic Liquid Menthol

Create Your Own

Mix and blend your very own custom flavors with the NoTE Flavors Online Flavor Creation Tool - the first and only of it's kind! Our simple and user-friendly visual editing tool makes it easy to add up to 5 flavors to your mixture at any concentration from the comfort of your computer or mobile phone. Once you're done, our algorithms work to create a customized product label - including all regulatory and nutrition information - specific to the blend you've ordered. Since some flavors are more expensive then others, our fair pricing structure charges by the cost per milliliter of each flavor in your formulation.

Design Your Flavor

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NoTE Flavors Wholesale

With our all-new wholesale program, create retail-ready custom cases from any combination of our inventory - or purchase bottles up to 32oz via our Bulk Sizes program.

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