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Return Policy

Damaged, Defective, or Broken Items
NoTE Flavors accepts all returns, issues a refund, or issues an equal product replacement in the case of any product defect, damage during shipment, or in other special circumstances. We'll accept all returns and provide a prepaid return shipping label in cases such as, but not limited to:
If you need to return an item for any of these reasons, please contact us at to arrange a return and refund.

Discretionary Returns

Due to the nature of our product, all discretionary returns (ex., "I didn't like it", "I purchased the wrong item", or "I no longer need the item") will not be accepted unless the product is unopened and unused. If the product is used, we may consider accepting a return in special circumstances to ensure customer satisfaction.

Fraud/Did Not Purchase

NoTE Flavors has your back in the case of fraud or if, for any reason, you were sent an item that you did not order (for example, it was ordered by a family member or relative without the cardholder's permission). We will provide a prepaid return label at no cost to you to return the product if the item is unopened and unused. In the case of fraud, we require a financial institution to contact us via chargeback prociedure to release information about an order that was placed under your name - such as the name and address on the order. This information will be released, upon the cardholder's written approval, to the local police department in Bristol, Pennsylvania following verification with your card-issuing bank that the transaction was indeed fraudulent. 

Cancellation Policy

Pre-Shipment Order Cancellations

NoTE Flavors accepts all pre-shipment order cancellations. A pre-shipment cancellation is defined as a cancellation that is requested prior to shipment. We require a cancellation request to be sent to us at least four hours before the estimated shipping date, which is typically the next business day.

Post-Shipment Order Cancellations

NoTE Flavors cannot cancel an order after it is in the shipping carrier's possession. All orders placed following shipment fall under our return policy. Under our returns policy, any attempted cancellation becomes a discretionary return and is subject to the relevant section of the return policy.

For cancellation inquiries, please contact us at

Wholesale Policies

Wholesale Payments Policy

NoTE Flavors anticipates payment on all wholesale orders placed by new customers immediately after the order is placed. Orders placed by a new wholesale customer will not be processed or shipped until the order is paid. At our discretion, we may extend customized payment terms to an established wholesale customer such as Net30 or Net60. Unless these terms are specifically offered, all payments are to be completed immediately after your order is placed. We accept wholesale payments under $10,000 USD via credit/debit card, PayPal or bank check. Orders over $10,000 USD will be processed by direct Wire Transfer.

Wholesale Eligibility

A wholesale order is defined as an order consisting of one or more case of individually-bottled, retail-ready product. A wholesale order is different from a bulk order, which is an order of one large container of product, such as a 32oz bottle of NoTE Flavors Menthol.

We require our wholesale customers to be legal businesses with a ship-to address in the United States. International customers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Wholesale customers intending to resell accept liability for keeping the product free of contaminants and disposing of expired product once it reaches the destination facility. If your business is located in the state of Pennsylvania, we require a resale certificate to qualify you for sales tax exemption. If you cannot provide a resale certificate and are a registered entity in the state of Pennsylvania, the appropriate sales tax will be applied to your order.

Wholesale pricing and the documents required to submit a wholesale application are available upon request. If you'd like to order wholesale or would like pricing information, please contact our wholesale/resale department at