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NoTE Flavors: Liquid Menthol Crystals - Food Grade Flavor Concentrate (120mL)

Liquid Menthol Crystals - Food Grade Flavor Concentrate (120mL)


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NoTE Flavors Liquid Menthol Crystals - Food Grade Flavor Concentrate (120mL) Executive Anvil logo 713717839442 19.99 NoTE Flavors

About This Product

NoTE Flavors Menthol Extract delivers a powerful and flavorful Menthol sensation for any liquid with only a few drops. NoTE Menthol Flavoring is proudly made in the USA and mixed using our proprietary technology which vaporizes raw menthol crystals into chilled PG. Each batch is mixed for up to 12 hours to ensure a consistent and smooth Menthol flavor. Our unique process allows us to offer one of the strongest concentrates on the market with no risk of crystallization or separation. Unlike other Menthol flavorings, NoTE Menthol Flavoring is Naturally Flavored and contains zero additives, artificial flavorings, or alcohols of any kind. NoTE Flavors uses only food or pharmaceutical grade PG and meets strict USP standards for use in foods.

Flavor Profile
NoTE Menthol delivers a strong, icy Menthol experience in any liquid. NoTE Menthol has a unique minty aftertaste and a strong hit at most concentrations due to our use of premium quality ingredients sourced from the highest quality manufacturers.

Made in the USA


NoTE Menthol is highly concentrated at over 50% in PG. Therefore, this product cannot be used directly and must be added to liquid. You should stir or shake the base liquid after NoTE Menthol is added for even mixture.

Recommended Concentration:
Light: 1-2 Drops per 10mL (1-2%)
Medium: 3-5 Drops per 10mL (3-5%)
Strong: 6-7 Drops per 10mL (6-7%)
Extreme: 7-10 Drops per 10mL (7-10%)


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